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STOP Talk Freedom, Let’s Succeed Development in Papua

Pembanguna PapuaJayapura, PAPUANEWS.ID – as well as the rise of the action Rejection Combustion Morning Star flag and emblem KNPB that recently occurred in nearly all the Kabuaten Papua and West Papua, shows that the real people of West Papua have understood the lies that had been done by the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) to fool the people of Papua and stunted development in this province.

By their actions the refusal of the Papuan people now do not want to hear again the words of the Freedom always voiced by KNPB or anything that is only going to fool the people of Papua.

“Now we already know that it actually performed KNPB this time it was just a ruse course, what all this time they made it only to fool the people of Papua, in addition to the demonstrations and all sorts who do KNPB it was only a trick they can to hamper development in Papua, STOP talk about freedom, Papua has been independence, “Reveal one community figure who refused to be named.

He also explained that the Papuan people just want development in Papua continue to run so that young people future generations can enjoy and feel the progress of this development in the future.

“Papua’s development must go on, so that our children can feel what the future today has been built,” he explained.

In addition he also convey to all Papuans to continue to support development so that future province of Papua could be developed and prosperous so that the successors in the future be able to feel the result of the construction that has been done today.

“To all the people of Papua Papua let us take it forward by supporting the development of this land, so that Papua can be more advanced, more prosperous society and our successors in the future be able to feel the results of the data that we have done today,” he explained. (Mi)

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